Mattie is babysitting but is not exactly doing what she was paid to do. She didn't even stay indoors, she went out to the pool and worked on her tan in her lingerie. The man of the house went out to tell her to get the hell back inside and do what she was paid to do, but that was before he noticed what she was wearing! He has had fantasies about her and now that he saw her almost naked he got horny as fuck. He made a deal with her so she could keep her job, which involved her getting naughty with him!


He unhooked her bra and got his big boner out which she sucked like a pro. Then they went indoors where she continued to blow before she rode him like a cowgirl on the sofa.
















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Here it comes as promised; a 7 minute long tube video! Tons of stuff goes down in this clip, you have to check it out for yourself!



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Just some softcore pictures here but as my last update from Immoral Live I will bring you a hardcore video from this shoot next week. It is certainly something to look forward to, the vid is 7 minutes long and has both lesbian sex and interracial fucking! So stay tuned, and enjoy these hotties getting naked together!














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